Make management tasks easy.

iLeader takes you step by step through your specific situation. iLeader automatically drafts meeting invites, lays out agendas, circulates notes and lots of other things.

Whether you’re managing performance, dealing with a customer complaint, encouraging your team or handling a sensitive staff issue, iLeader executes the best-practice process with you. Configurable tasks fit your exact business processes and your most common tasks.

iLeader Frank Conversation
iLeader Draft Email

Automatically write

best-practice emails.

Never worry about choosing the right words. iLeader automatically drafts emails for you using best-practice wording for your specific situation.

You’ll make the right points, send the right message and cover any procedural stuff needed, every time. You can still add your personal touch if you want, but iLeader does the hard work for you.

Be a Meeting Champion.

Easily set-up time-tracked meeting agendas to ensure that you stick to time, cover all the points and get clear actions. Automatically notify attendees and schedule meetings through your preferred Calendar app.

Then use iLeader to time each agenda point, capture action items and circulate meeting notes. Easy! And even better, meeting notes are automatically stored, giving everyone a secure record if they need it.

iLeader Agenda
iLeader Feedback

See team engagement in real-time.

See your team’s productivity and engagement, from their point of view, with simple one-click daily feedback. Instantly see where you need to give support and take action.

Configure tools to match your needs.

Create your own tools to match your own procedures and needs.

Whether it’s your unique line management procedures, industry-specific compliance tasks, rolling out cyber-security policies or just making sure everyone manages budgets the same, iLeader’s configurable tools give you the control and assurance you need.


Free forever, cost-effective and scalable.

iLeader is free forever for 1 leader and up to 5 team members. Need more?

Flexible options give you bigger teams, multi-level teams, advanced reporting, centralised billing, customer integrations and more.