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iLeader helps front line managers be better people managers by taking them step-by-step through best-practice workflows of the most common management tasks, as they need them, right on their smartphone via a suite of tools developed by renowned leadership experts.

iLeader provides a voice to team members by allowing them to give daily feedback on productivity and engagement. Our dynamic engagement engine then recommends tools the manager could use based on that feedback. This leads to more effective people managers and
more engagement and productivity from team members.

 Walks first line managers step-by-step through best-practice workflows of the most common management tasks. 


Allows team members to provide daily feedback to their managers, helping improve their engagement and productivity


Allows managers to have a daily and weekly dashboard view on the productivity and engagement


Created in collaboration with the HR experts at Oxford Strategic Consulting


Customisable to ensure workflow and language matches your company’s best practice

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Tools That Transform Managers Into Leaders


iLeader helps managers prepare for professional, effective meetings with clear subjects, objects and agenda.
Set out clear and focussed agendas to keep the meeting efficient and running smoothly.
iLeader then prepares a professionally laid out email that sends only to the selected attendees.
Making great decisions is easy with iLeader. The manager can start by entering the options for the decision.
Then they can add the decision criteria and weight them.
And iLeader calculates what the best option is for a manager to take.
Team members can give daily feedback on how enthusiastic and productive they thought the team was.
Managers can see the feedback in a daily Dashboard.
As well as a weekly dashboard.

“iLeader is a really innovative approach to helping managers perform their key tasks more effectively. I particularly like the immediacy of the tools, they’re there to walk people through the task as and when the need arises.”

– Yaser Obaid, Chief Human Capital Officer, Cleveland Clinic 

Our Ever Growing Suite of Management Tools

First line managers can use the suite of iLeader tools daily or as they are needed, right on their smartphone

Research led by Professor William Scott-Jackson and the team at Oxford Strategic Consulting found that these areas are what first line managers struggle with the most and have formed the basis of our initial suite of tools:


Think through important aspects of a problem to reach a good answer.

Develop trust in your own judgement and support your colleagues with clear thinking.


Prepare, communicate and manage evaluation and development

Agree revised objectives, praise excellence, identify areas to improve and agree actions.


Turn the team’s daily enthusiasm and productivity measures into useful actions, understanding factors drive improvement and decline.

Improve team performance, praise what’s working and address issues.


Accomplish your performance targets and develop your team’s capabilities

Identify and communicate the milestones, stakeholders, opportunities and manage the most successful outcome.


 Resolve problems such as non-delivery, time and cost overruns to reach outcomes that support and refocus the team.

Prepare, identify the ideal outcome, agree the steps and support to get back on track.


Lay out options, identify and evaluate the decision-making criteria

iLeader calculates the best decision, giving you certainty and clarity to share with the team

As Well As…

Setting Objectives – Motivation – Team Effectiveness – Individual Motivation, Managing Conflict, Managing a Crisis, Effective Meetings

We are continually developing and adding more tools to the platform which would become available to clients at no extra cost

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Benefits To Using iLeader

Works on any iPhone or android Smartphone

Actionable on-the-job training for managers

Real-time feedback from team members

Amplifies your training budgets with low per head licence fees

Aligns with performance goals and engages employees

Transforms managers into leaders, improving team engagement