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A platform for better management

Building a productive culture requires the development of strong management through training and access to online resources but these are costly, and to be effective, they must result in new behaviour. iLeader improves manager performance, team engagement and productivity by reinforcing business’ policy and manager training, providing measurable change in behaviour.


iLeader is the first product to be launched by Oxford HR Technology and is born out of advanced research by the leadership experts at Oxford Strategic Consulting which has 20 years’ experience in HR and leadership consulting and academic research across UK, the Middle East and a multitude of large brands.

iLeader targets manager development in the 70% of effective learning that is informal and takes place in the workplace. The platform supports developing managers with workflow, reporting of manager activities and micro surveying of employee engagement. By reinforcing formal training and extending blended learning environments to on the job learning iLeader helps managers be more effective in articulating expectations and teams more engaged in delivering them.

Develop Managers

iLeader is an app-based management platform, grounded in research, that develops managers by provided guided experience, reinforcing training through learning by doing. iLeader meets the need to embed productive manager behaviour that builds team culture through improved collaboration and trust.

Enthusiastic, engaged employees are key to productivity.

Engage Employees

iLeader enables timely Employee Feedback by equipping employees with a new channel for regular employee engagement reporting and feedback. Managers can see feedback in real-time and address issues quickly and efficiently, further reinforcing productive manager practice.

A productive team culture is built on collaboration and trust.

Build Teams

Productive, team-wide change is hard to establish. iLeader changes behaviour by giving managers and their teams a means to embed good practice through learning by doing, efficient feedback and communication and by providing timely visibility of employee engagement.

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